As the Hawkeyes maintain their status as the number 20 team in the country, they play host to The Rutgers Scarlet Knights in their earliest Big-Ten game in history. While the match-up is predominantly in favor of the Hawkeyes, Head Coach Kirk Ferentz isn't thrilled about the game time.

"To me, the month of September especially is just about really focusing on trying to improve and pull things together, tie up the loose ends," coach Ferentz said about their conference game, and to some degree, he's right. A profusion of teams in the FBS play weak FBS teams or even FCS teams in the first few weeks. This allows the bigger teams to get a "warm up game" in, and the smaller teams to sell tickets for their fans.

An 11 a.m. start time means an early night for our Iowa City boys, but even with the early morning, the Hawkeyes are projected to win easily. That 7 a.m. beer might taste a bit skunky.

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