All things considered...Iowa did pretty well in this week's Mega Millions drawing. Nobody here won the whopping $1.6 billion jackpot--someone in South Carolina (who probably has several new family members) can lay claim to that--but a $10,000 ticket was sold in Indianola, Ames & Marion, and somebody in Davenport matched enough numbers to win $1 million!

CBS 2 reported that Iowa Lottery players bought more than $5 million in Mega Millions tickets for Tuesday’s drawing, including nearly $3.3 million in tickets on Tuesday alone.

There's no doubt it takes A LOT of luck to win the lottery, but it's almost more unlucky to have this happen.

A guy in New York matched the first two numbers, but then missed the following three numbers and the Mega Ball by just ONE DIGIT EACH. He shared a photo of his losing Mega Millions ticket on Reddit, along with the caption "How to develop a gambling problem."

Seriously...the universe must hate this dude. Better luck with PowerBall, Chief.

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