Whether you're into metaphysical practices or not, there's one you won't be finding in the city limits of an Iowa town.

One of my besties loves reading tarot cards and she can make pretty good money doing it. Things like fortune tellers, tarot cards, tea leaf reading, and palm reading seem like things that you either definitely buy into or you just absolutely don't. My last tarot card reading said I would get married in 6 months. That was 2 years ago...and still no ring.


But there's one town in Eastern Iowa that's putting a hard and fast stop to these kinds of practices happening in city limits.

Cedar Rapids prohibits fortune-telling and palm-reading in city limits.

The ordinance says this:


No person shall tell fortunes or practice phrenology, palmistry or clairvoyancy in the city.

I got you, here's what they mean:

  • Phrenology: "the detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities."
  • Palmistry: "the art or practice of supposedly interpreting a person's character or predicting their future by examining the lines and other features of the hand, especially the palm and fingers."
  • Clairvoyancy: "able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception"

So within Cedar Rapids, you can't get your fortune told, palm read, or head studied.

Back in 2003, there was a push to get rid of the then-82-year-old ban on fortune telling. It apparently failed, as the ordinance is still in place. So if you're wanting your fortune told during spooky season, it's not a good idea to try to find a psychic in Cedar Rapids.

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