It's a small number all in all, and compared to other states. Only 1/8 or 12% of Iowans say they usually argue with their partner when one or both have been drinking alcohol according to a new published study. Overall, 20% of respondents say they are more honest with one another when drunk.

The study surveyed residents of all 50 states plus D.C. Iowans were far less likely (assuming we answered truthfully) to have an argument with a partner than our neighboring states.In Minnesota, 33% of couples argue after drinking. In Wisconsin the number jumped to 37% and in South Dakota it was 50%. You can see any other state on the interactive map below.

Overall, more and more Iowans (and Americans) are stressed and likely home more with the pandemic. With tensions more likely to run high, experts warn against using alcohol to self medicate. For one, excess alcohol is unhealthy. One study from Live Mint even goes so far as to warn readers less than the equivalent of a can of beer can create serious health issues in drinkers.

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