The Olympics are still going strong and while you might be tired of hearing news about the games, this is definitely something worth reading about. Especially if you like puns!

While we don't always think of horses when we talk about the Olympics, they do play a large role.

Equestrian disciplines such as dressage, eventing, and show jumping are taking place in Tokyo as we speak. While it’s old news that equestrian events are a part of the Olympics, have you ever wondered how these athletes transport their trusty steeds? Japan is a bit of a hop, skip and a jump away from places like America and Australia, but the horses from around the world get to travel luxuriously in, get ready for it, Air Horse One!

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Air Horse One is one of the best puns I have personally ever heard and creates a first class environment for the horses. They are treated to in-flight meals, on-call veterinary services to ensure health and happiness are at their peak, snacks, a grooming team, the whole shebang.

With over 300 horses traveling to Tokyo, Japan for the 2021 Olympics, over 19 aircrafts. Not every single equestrian aircraft is labeled “Air Horse One” but the general point still stands and it’s a lot more fun to say than the fancy official titles of the aircrafts. The Boeing 747 however is a great example of equine air travel. It’s a popular model due to it’s convenient design which accommodates human travelers such as vets on the upper deck while the lower level holds horses and cargo.

These flights cost a pretty penny with the average price being around $5,000 for a single horse. But let’s be honest, transporting over 300 horses is no small feat and as token athletes in the Olympics I think most would agree that they deserve to be pampered in first-class no matter how pricey it may be. They even get their own passports!

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