Usually I don't post personal blogs. But every so often I'll have a learning experience that I feel is necessary to share. In this instance it comes as patience. As a younger kid I was hot headed. I would ride my adrenaline wave when I got angry and altered some relationships in a negative way. As I've grown up I realized something I hadn't thought of as a younger guy. Women don't deal with issues the same way men do. I realize this isn't an "ah ha!" moment, but there are 3 things I've learned that generally help the situation when your lady is upset.

1). Patience- If she's mad, give her some time to cool down, even if she isn't exactly mad at you. You'll have your answer eventually. Just relax.

2). Understanding- Try your best to understand her point of view. Way too many guys only focus on how they would handle the problem, and that's where the disconnect lies.

3). Space- I cannot stress this enough. If she asks for space, give it to her. Women are excellent at filling in emotional gaps. DO NOT barrade her with texts or calls if she's upset. Odds are you'll make the situation worse.

I'm still a work in progress. But these little tools have helped me tremendously in recent years. I hope they work for you too.

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