If you know me at all, you probably know that I'm a fan of weird facts. For example: your finger is only about as thick as a carrot. You could bite through it just as easily, but your brain stops you because, well, it's your finger. That's my favorite fact to spit out.

But this fact honestly is just kind of terrifying. Almost exactly one year ago, I learned that there are more pigs than people in Iowa. At the time, there was estimated to be roughly 23.6 million – a four percent increase from 2017.

This year, that number is even higher. According to WQAD, Iowa is now home to 24.9 million pigs – a six percent increase from last year. Some quick math for us: that means roughly 1.3 million pigs were born or wandered into Iowa within the last year.

Per WQAD's report, the new number is fueling environmental groups who are trying to force the state to slow expansion of pig farms. And honestly? I get it!

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