My heart hurts but I'm so happy for the owners of this incredible and iconic Ethiopian restaurant on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities. Although I've only been in here since 2019 and they have been open since 2016, the food and friendly atmosphere have truly made me a fan of Taste of Ethiopia.

Taste of Ethiopia has always been a craving for me and my family. It's been a place that I've taken my friends and family to so they can experience new foods and enjoy just as much as I do. While this Quad Cities staple will be closing its doors permanently, another African-style restaurant will be taking its place.

Taste of Ethiopia Is Closing Permanently Very Soon

Owners Genet and George Moraetes said they are ready to retire in a social media post for Taste of Ethiopia. The Moraetes are in their mid-60s and feel it is the right time to retire and spend more time with family and friends and travel.

Established in 2016, Taste of Ethiopia moved into the Union Station at the bottom of Harrison Street in downtown Davenport back in 2018. They have been a must-visit spot at the Freight House Farmers' Market for several years, too.

Taste of the Ethiopia via Facebook
Taste of the Ethiopia via Facebook

You won't have long to try Taste of Ethiopia for the first time or enjoy it one last time. The restaurant will permanently close at the end of June this year according to George and Genet.

But there is good news.

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Another African Restuarant Is Taking Over

Genet and George have found another African restaurant to take over their restaurant at 102 S Harrison St. in Davenport. The Iowa City-based African restaurant, I Love Fufu, will take over the location and they will be adding Taste of Ethiopia's most popular Ethiopian dishes to their menu.

The Moraetes said they'll will be sticking around for a few months to help the new owners, Regina and Julius, during the transition. They asked customers to come by and wish them well as we ease into retirement and meet the new owners.

George and Genet said they hope customers will support I Love Fufu as they have supported Taste of Ethiopia since the day they opened.

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