Well here is some good news to get you excited to go shopping once quarantine is over! There is a popular new chain store coming to Waterloo.

Ever heard of Five Below? It is a popular chain of of discount stores that sell different items that cost up to five dollars with a few other products costing six to ten dollars. Honestly, it is a little kid's dream store! Growing up in Ohio, we had many of these stores and you could always find a new toy to play with, movies, clothes and so on! However this store is not just for kids... as an adult I have found many pieces of work out equipment and clothes I love, electronics such as headphones and phone covers and even beauty products. They even have seasonal items like holiday decorations and summer fun.

Tiffany Kay

Five Below is on Flammang Drive in Waterloo next Party City. As long as all goes well in the future, they are planning on having their Grand Opening on Friday, May 1st! Get your checkbooks ready, you are going to need them.

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