This is the most season-appropriate exercise you can do.

As we glide past Halloween and then sail into Thanksgiving, your workout may consist of lifting your fork to put another piece of pumpkin pie to your mouth, but you could put that gourd to much better use.

That's because pumpkin pie workouts are a thing. Bet that's something you didn't know about Halloween, huh? They're so much a thing that ABC featured them in 2017 on Good Morning America.

Like a good recipe for that irresistible pumpkin pie, though, the secret is out. Scores of fitness enthusiasts have caught on to the idea that exercising with a pumpkin is a genius idea, not to mention a novel way to break the monotony that may sink in with your normal routine. Who wouldn't want to lift an orange pumpkin instead of that same ol' kettle bell, right?

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