At long's grilling season! For me, there's nothing like being out on the porch or in the backyard with friends and family drinking some cold beverages and throwing some meat on the fire.

But what if you don't HAVE a grill? Johnsonville & Fireplace Creations are here to help!


Check out Q92.3 weekday mornings and listen for the sound of the grill. When you hear that unmistakable sizzle be caller #9 at 319-292-2000. You'll win free brats from Johnsonville AND be qualified to win a brand new grill from Fireplace Creations in Waterloo! We'll draw the winner on May 15th!

Fireplace creations

Celebrate grilling season with the Q92.3 Backyard Bash...made the Johnsonville Way! Add some sizzle to your summer thanks to Fireplace Creations, Johnsonville, and Q92.3! Listen to The Slater Show starting Wednesday for your chance to qualify!

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