The nursery at one hospital in the Quad Cities is likely to have an extremely busy year, and that's just housing the little ones that the hospital's nurses will be giving birth to in 2021.

UnityPoint Health Trinity in Rock Island, Illinois currently has 16 nurses on their staff that are pregnant, and that number may go up. The hospital's nurse manager, Cherie Saldana, told Our Quad Cities that "we're anticipating a couple more staff members to come forward soon with confirmed pregnancies."

The 16 women are all expecting sometime between May and October. For all of the women, it's either their first or second child.

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Labor and Delivery Nurse Molly Wyckoff says the whole thing has almost gotten comical:

It was kind of just funny in the moment. It was like another added to the list. We just keep the running tally, like every time we hear someone else is pregnant, it’s just funny at this point.

It's the first time in a decade-and-a-half there's been a pregnancy boom among nurses at UnityPoint Health Trinity. In 2006, 12 nurses were pregnant at the same time.

For anyone who may be in the hospital between May and November, managers say there's nothing to worry about. The due dates of the nurses are such that it won't impact staffing at the hospital and when nurses are out, "floating nurses" will fill in.

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