With the COVID-19 pandemic we've been distancing from one another, but we've also learned a lot: just how important healthcare workers are, and how dangerous what they do truly is. To celebrate Q92.3 wants to put your National Nurses Week 'thank you' on the radio! The person you send a thanks to does not have to be a nurse, but simply a healthcare worker.

Please include your phone number in your recording so we can call you and give you a prize if your thank you is played on the radio. (Oh and, we will not air your phone number).

Each prize winner will recieve:

  • $25 Kwik Star gift card
  • $10 Flowerama gift card

First off, make sure you have our free app...

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Then follow the instructions posted below.

How to record a message on the Q92.3 app

Please keep messages around 10-15 seconds or less. Need some ideas to get started?

Hi, this is (name) from (town) and I want to send a thank you to (name of thank you recipient) who works (hospital/clinic), here on Q92.3!

Hi, this is (name) from (town) and (name of thank you recipient) is the best nurse at (hospital/clinic) in all the Cedar Valley!

Hello, this is (name) from (town) and (name of thank you recipient) works at (hospital/clinic) and is doing his/her part to keep everyone in Northeast Iowa healthy and I thank them here on Q92.3.


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