The Rocky franchise isn’t over quite yet. Star and director Sylvester Stallone has informally revealed that the 1985 classic Rocky IV would be getting an extended director’s cut in the future. Oh yeah, and it’s going to be “amazing.” It’s not incredibly surprising, considering Stallone’s promoting his extended cut for Rambo: Last Blood, which is available for streaming on Apple TV. Stallone actually dropped the news of Rocky IV’s director’s cut in the comment section of an Instagram post about Rambo: Last Blood.

The news was teased by Stallone in a comment on his post below. A fan asked him if we would ever get to see a director'’ cut of Rocky Balboa, with Stallone replying, “I am not doing that but I am doing a directors cut on Rocky IV which will be amazing!!!!!” Check out the original post below:

Of course, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the aforementioned director’s cut of Rocky IV. There's no timeline for when it will be released, or whether or not it will be a streaming exclusive. We also don’t know precisely why Rocky IV is getting the extended treatment and not the first three. (We’re hoping for several extended scenes involving Paulie’s robot.)

Still, an extended version of Rocky IV holds a special significance — it could be the last (partially) new material we’ll see from our favorite underdog boxer in movie history.

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