Sebastian Stan was called out on social media after tagging Pamela Anderson in a celebratory Instagram post about Pam & Tommy's Emmy nominations.

The Hulu miniseries, which explores Anderson and Tommy Lee's relationship and the leak of their sex tape, was nominated in several categories for the 2022 Emmy Awards. Notably, Stan — who plays Lee — is up for Best Actor in a Limited Series, Movie or Anthology. Lily James — who plays Anderson — is up for Best Actress in a Limited Series, Movie or Anthology.

On July 13, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star took to Instagram to celebrate the show's success.

"So grateful and thrilled to be a part of this EPIC PAM AND TOMMY recognition," Stan gushed, proceeding to congratulate a slew of people involved.

His message ended with commentary about the leaked tape that ultimately defined Anderson and Lee's relationship.

"#PAMANDTOMMY is about a crime that took place without consent," he wrote. "It was a crime on privacy, a crime on love, a crime on family, and a crime that we were ALL a culprit of, as media and audience combined, and it’s now more timely than ever. I hope this can only help continue the conversation we had hoped to bring to light, and that we can remember to re-examine our projections and our salacious attitudes not only towards @pamelaanderson and @tommylee, but also towards ourselves and our exploitation of one another."

Check out his full post below:

Stan tagged Anderson's official Instagram account in his caption. He also tagged her in the accompanying photo — a still from the show.

However, his decision to include the actress in his celebration was called into question by many on social media, who blasted Stan for involving her in the series and reminding her of its success.

"I love Sebastian Stan. TILL THE END OF THE LINE. But for him to say that Pam & Tommy was a story about a crime that took place w/o consent & a crime of privacy even though they never got a CONSENT from Pamela Anderson is a massive joke to me," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Crazy how sebastian stan can write for paragraphs on how pam and tommy is a show about consent and then in that same post celebrates his drinking buddy tommy and tags pamela anderson whose expressed how traumatic she finds the show," another tweeted.

"The nerve of sebastian stan to tag pamela anderson in his Instagram story about consent," another wrote. "U simply have to laugh."

Check out more tweets, below:

Although Anderson hasn't outright commented on the show, several of her friends have claimed it was made without her consent and caused her pain.

At the time of airing, Courtney Love blasted the show in a post on Facebook. Vanity Fair notes Love claimed the series had caused her friend to experience "complex trauma."

Another source told Entertainment Tonight that the show was made without Anderson's consent. They noted the actress still "feels so violated to this day" by the leak of the tape and the subsequent media attention it gained.

"The upcoming Pam & Tommy Hulu series has been very painful for Pamela Anderson and for anyone that loves her," the source said prior to the show's airing. "It is shocking that this series is allowed to happen without her approval."

Anderson reportedly did not watch Pam & Tommy. She also has not commented on the show's Emmy nominations. BuzzFeed News notes she is currently working with Netflix on a documentary about her life.

Despite complaints about Pam & Tommy violating Anderson's privacy, Stan has expressed interest in expanding the show to explore more of the couple's life together.

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