Look I know many colleges have already started back to school or are about to and you may be thinking I am late to the game on this story but I chose to wait to give my opinion and here's why. I knew there would be many difficulties with college students returning this fall during the pandemic but I wanted to see the precautions the schools were taking in order to understand more of how the process was going to work and form my opinion based on these answers and what happened the first couple of weeks going back.

Here is what I have learned. Colleges are doing what they can to enforce social distancing whether it is keeping classes at half capacity, social distancing each chair, having students wear masks and extra cleaning is being done. This is all great and would work out well for trying to stop the spread of COVID-19... however, I believe some of this is done in vain. It's not necessarily the colleges and classes we have to worry about but rather the students and parties that happen outside the classroom. Look colleges can only have  so much control over this situation but when it goes to outside the classroom then it falls into the students hands and we have seen how well that has been working.

Unfortunately we have seen those who are college aged seem to be the ones having parties or not practicing social distancing which is what will cause the spread. Colleges can not stop these off campus parties from happening and that is where the problem comes in. We have already seen a few schools shut down because of this exact reason. So should we really be opening up at this time? I would say no. Do online classes. I am not saying this will completely get rid of the problem because students can have their own parties in their own towns but at least it won't risk those students or teachers who are following guidelines in a classroom from being spread the virus.

Whether or not you are agree with this is completely up to you as this is just my opinion but I do believe in a better safe than sorry approach.

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