Last I checked, showers were meant clean all the dirt and grime from a long day off your body, which happens to include any makeup you may have on. So I am confused as to who would use this.

There is a new product out there called a Shower Shield which allows you to keep your make up running when you are in the shower. It is basically a plastic visor that covers your face so when you are in the shower your makeup won't get ruined. I can't say I have ever had an instance of jumping in the shower after I do my makeup or wanting to keep my makeup on when I get in the shower so I am confused as to why this a thing to be made.

However, I guess if you need to keep your lash extensions safe or have to wash your hair after you have done your makeup, this may be for you! Creators say that it will be useful to those who also have facial surgery and can't get their face wet.

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