I thought pumpkin spice pizza was the worst fall food I was going to see. It only took a few days for me to be wrong.

Pizza is wonderful. Candy corn is an abomination. Why you'd ever try to combine the two is beyond me, but a Twitter user posted a photo of himself baking a DiGiornio frozen pizza topped with candy corn. Look at it. Look at this awful thing.

The reaction was--understandably--a mix of confusion, anger, and disgust. Even DiGiorno joined in the criticism:

Thankfully, most people on Twitter agreed:

If pumpkin spice pizza was at the very edge of insanity, this pushes it straight off a 10,000-foot cliff. I'm trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt...I hope this whole thing is just a massive troll job, but it's hard to be sure (after all, there are people that open bread like this). I know we live in some tense political times, but we need to stand together and make sure this NEVER happens again.

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