People have been unsure and intrigued about the movie "Game Night". Maybe this will clear up what you are in for.

On a Neuman's Movie Monday list, I had talked about how "Game Night" made me feel "intrigued." Curiosity got the best of me and I went to go see "Game Night". Overall, I would be the movie a B+.

By far the best part of this movie is the cinematography. There are transition scenes that make you fee like you are looking at a game board and then it zooms in and it's not pieces moving along the board but actually the main characters driving home in their neighborhood. The movie also has a really good mixture of making you feel suspense and then before you know it, you are laughing.

The jokes are pretty good. It's a popcorn flick for sure so don't expect to be blown away by the story. Whether it's stupid humor or slap-stick humor, expect to laugh throughout the movie. Bill Magnussen (Ryan) gets most of the laughs as an absentminded dolt but it's not hacky.

My favorite character is the next door neighbor, Gary, played by Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Fargo). You ride a roller coaster with this character. He comes off as a creep right away, then you feel bad for him and then you like him. But even as a creep, he's really funny. His deadpan approach is great.

As far as the whole plot, I was really worried that this movie was going to be a remake of "Clue" (a movie I like). Then I was even more worried that it was going to be a remake of the movie "The Game" (a movie I hate). But this movie made it it's own.

Again, overall rating is a B+. Jokes are good, plot is okay. If you are going in a group, you'd like it. If you are going by yourself, you could wait to see it at home. I also have a feeling that it's going to be on TV quite a bit in the future.

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