Spoilers may be below.... Although, you should have seen it by now.

Look, I am not a fan of Star Wars. There I have said it. However, keep reading because this new viral internet challenge just may be a reason to convince me to go see the new movie so I understand where this challenge comes from.

Apparently an iconic moment in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" is going viral and by that I mean it has become one of the first viral challenges of 2020 (don't worry this one isn't like the dangerous tide pod challenge... we may have actually learned our lesson from that). During the movie, Ben Solo battles the Knights of Ren and pulls out a light saber from behind his back and then gives a shrug. I don't get it... but this became such an iconic moment that people have now created the #BenSoloChallenge off of that one scene.

As you can see people are pulling a "lightsaber" from behind them and then do the iconic shrug... Literally that's it. That's the whole challenge. Hey, its better than the Bird Box challenge of 2019 basically putting ourselves in harms way.

If you want to try this out, give it a go and make sure to tag it with #BenSoloChallenge.


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