Did you know that Starbucks has A LOT of secret menu items? Yeah, you may not know about them because although they are pretty to look at and different, they are more secret menu items because the baristas HATE making them.

One to look out for is the new Joker Frappuccino. Basically it's  Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino with a smile on the inside of the cup using strawberry syrup. To top it off there is a special matcha whipped cream on top which is specially made with matcha powder with whipped cream. Of course there is also a little chocolate drizzle on top to finish this off.

Now do you see why baristas hate making this? It's a lot of extra work on top of all the normal orders they make which is why they keep these things a secret. If you choose to get the Joker Frappuccino, don't be surprised if the barista seems a little annoyed and don't rush them.


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