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As we stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, we are trying to find things to do. Being on social media more may be something you are doing during your incredible boredom. Most of us are tweeting about the coronavirus, COVID-19, essential items and also alcohol. Iowans aren't the highest tweeters of alcohol, but before we show you that, let's look at people tweeting about the coronavirus, COVID-19 and essential items.

The company LawnStarer, a lawn service company, wanted to get a sense of where Americans’ heads and hearts are regarding coronavirus. LawnStarter pulled a sample of 237,627 U.S. tweets sent from Feb. 20, 2020, to March 20, 2020. The tweets all included one or more of the following terms: coronavirus, corona (beer excluded), corona virus, covid, covid19 and covid-19. They randomly pulled 500 virus-related tweets per hour for the entire 30-day period.

LawnStarter then analyzed the tweets in two ways:

  • Sentiment — This measured whether Twitter users were positive, negative or neutral in their comments, also known as “polarity.”
  • Context — They looked at the words within each message to see what else people were talking about within their coronavirus tweets.

Are Americans tweeting positively or negatively about the coronavirus?

It turns out Americans are pretty upbeat during these trying times.

Positive, negative and neutral tweets in each region

Among the nearly 238,000 Coronavirus-related tweets LawnStarter looked at, about 177,000 included location information. The chart above shows when and where tweets about the virus came from, and whether those tweets were positive, negative, or neutral.

What about essential items?

Apparently that isn't much of a conversation piece on Twitter.

Just 1.7% of all coronavirus tweets featured at least one of these essential goods: toilet paper, bleach, diapers, rubbing alcohol, paper towels and hand sanitizer. Among those true essentials, toilet paper led the pack, mentioned in 0.74% of all coronavirus-related Twitter activity, according to LawnStarter's survery.

Finally, the alcohol.

In LawnStarter's findings, 13% of coronavirus tweets mentioned alcohol. Among all 50 states, Maine ranked first for Twitter liquor chatter. Louisiana was at the bottom of the whiskey-tweeting barrel.

Iowans tweets included alcohol 13.12% of the time, which is the average according to the study.

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