Man, the senior citizens of the world are kicking our butts.

Fresh off the 99-year-old woman who got arrested as part of her bucket list comes this impressive feat by a man who did two dozen pull-ups on his 90th birthday.

While Millennials peck away on their brand new iPhones, work their fingers to the bone without vacation and lament how they fail to make a dent in the world after just a few weeks in the workforce, the aged set has squad goals down pat.

Seriously, how bad do you feel about yourself right now watching this guy show off how he's in great shape? We pulled a muscle getting off the couch this afternoon and Vern here looks like he should change his name to Magnus and compete in the World's Strongest Man competition.

Remember this man, Millennials. While you're posting photos of the smoothie you got at the gym on Instagram, this man is getting so strong that it'll hurt when he smacks you while saying, "When I was your age, we didn't have this Internet thingamajig."

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