Iowans, Don’t Believe This Stupid Amazon Scam
This scam, which is surfacing in Central Iowa, involves a caller who claims they are from Amazon. The scammer will begin the conversation with a claim that you've made a large purchase on Amazon, and will ask you to pay the purchase off. If you do not pay for this "purchase", they say…
Waterloo Artist Creates Illustration for New TV Series
You may have seen Noah Regan’s editorial cartoons featured in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier every Sunday:
Or perhaps you saw his socially distanced version of the 1930 Grant Wood painting of ‘American Gothic’ that was featured in the Washington Post in April 2…
Swedish Fish Candy Canes
Do you love Swedish Fish but wish they were in the form of a Candy Cane? Well Merry Christmas, your wish has come true.
You can get TWO 12-packs of Swedish Fish Candy Canes on for the price of $15.
Or if you'd prefer the taste of dairy in your Christmas confections,…

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