Snowfall Totals 2/21/21
Sick of snow? Spring begins on March 20th!
SNOW TOTALS from 2/21:
Onawa: 9.5"
Woodbine: 9"
Riceville: 8.3"
Cresco: 8"
Mason City: 6"
Charles City: 5.2"
Ames: 4.5"
Waterloo: 3.5"
Tripoli: 2.4"
Fayette: 2"
So far this month,…
USA has Most Snow Coverage Since Records Began
The amount of snow encompassing the United States this week is wild. As Iowans, we are accustomed to dealing with deep drifts and bitter cold every winter. But other parts of the nation are not. As of 2/16, 73% of the country had snow on the ground...
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Will We Break the Record for Snowiest Winter?
Spring is less than 30 days away. Which means there's still plenty of time for more SNOW.
According to the below chart from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, Waterloo has accumulated over 43" of snow since October 1, 2020. That's nearly 10" above average, but still 16...
Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-80
The Iowa DOT Tweeted at 1:50 PM that a multi-vehicle crash involving numerous semi-trucks occurred on I-80 west of Newton. About 40 vehicles were involved in the crash.
** info updated at 5:45 AM 1/30***
The National Weather Service in Des Moines has issued a WINTER STORM WARNING for portions of Eastern Iowa from 9 AM SATURDAY TO 9 AM SUNDAY.
The NWS says to expect total snow accumulations of 2 to 5 inches and ice accumulations of one tenth to two tenths of an inch i…
Current Snow Depth in Iowa
After the latest storm system on Monday and Tuesday dumped Southwestern Iowa with over a foot of snow and a four-day total of over 11” in Waterloo (from 1/23-1/26), the snow is starting to add up across the state.
The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities says that the current snow depth in Wat…

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