For most of us, this week has been a long and tiring re-introduction to winter. Yes, December was warm. Too warm. Now it seems the bill has come due and we're paying for it with a winter storm seemingly every other day. But where some see snow drifts and shoveling, others see an opportunity to create something amazing. And we're not talking about a snowman with a top hat.

After the first storm hit Eastern Iowa on Tuesday, CBS2 reports that Iowa City artist Carlos Maldonado and his family decided to go all Frozen and 'make a snowman.' But this would be no ordinary snow sculpture. This would be a creature that terrifies many and fortunately, we don't have to worry about here in land locked Iowa. A great white shark.

Facebook via Carlos Maldonado Art
Facebook via Carlos Maldonado Art

And this is no minnow sitting in the yard, This is a 20-foot great white shark! In the immortal words of Roy Scheider in the movie Jaws, "you're going to need a bigger boat." According to a Facebook post from Maldonado, the jaws of the shark are five and a half feet tall, and the tail fin is nearly four and a half feet tall!

Needless to say, this amazing sculpture has captured the attention of Iowa City along with media outlets everywhere. Everyone wants to come and get a look at the shark. How will the giant fish fare during today's blizzard? Its hard to say. But the white-out conditions will only serve to make this giant man-eater even creepier.

Someone cue up the theme to Jaws.


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