I'm a huge Elf fan, plain and simple. So when I stumbled across this article I almost shrieked like an eight year old girl. There is a hotel room that has been converted to look just like the apartment from the movie. Club Wyndham Midtown in New York City is home to this club suite, and the resemblance is uncanny.

"As they enter, guests will see hundreds of paper snowflakes and popcorn garlands hanging from the ceiling, a decorated Christmas tree surrounded by gifts of all sizes, faux snow on the windows and a gift wrap mural wall", according to Today. But the whimsy doesn't stop there. If you recall in the movie, an elf has four major food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corn and maple syrup. If you open the refrigerator in the kitchen you'll find that it's stocked with such delicacies. Payment starts at a whopping $399/per night, so maybe just a short day trip is in order. Read the full article here.

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