A Cedar Valley staple is being recognized as one of the best burger spots in the entire country.

Taste of Home, a major food publication, recently compiled a list of the best burgers in every single state. These are considered the best of the best in the nation.

"One thing you can find anywhere in America is a great burger, and we've rounded up the best burger each state has to offer!"

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For the Hawkeye State, the authors put down Big Head Burger in Waterloo as the best in the entire state.

Located at 324 W 4th Street in Downtown Waterloo, the burger spot opened for business in the fall of 2021. It started out as a popular food truck that would roll across the Cedar Valley.

One of my personal favorite menu items are the Big Head Fries which consist of french fries (obviously), smashed beef, cheese, Big Head sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.

A deliciously messy treat!

Courtesy of Big Head Burger via IG
Courtesy of Big Head Burger via IG

A Bit About Big Head Burger

The owner of the Waterloo burger joint, David Bryant, sought out to create a burger that reminded him of chowing down on the sandwich as a child. Where the burgers seem larger than life and more delicious than anything else in the world.

"For me, the burger was the vehicle that propelled me to discover new worlds, a world was different cultures and new foods," the owner said on the restaurant's website.

Over the past two years, the restaurant has become a staple of Waterloo and the team behind it have become involved members of the community.

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