freaked out would you be?! #Nope. This is a special Halloween edition of 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, October 31.

Menominee, WI- Parents called police after finding meth in their kid's trick-or-treat bag.

The child had been trick-or-treating at an Indian reservation during the community's designated hours on Sunday. Police are uncertain if the event was an isolated incident or if the meth was distributed intentionally.

Cops are asking parents to check their children's candy thoroughly, and report and anything suspicious. []

Omaha, NE- A man's costume caused outrage during a family Halloween event.

Hugo Mendoza took his two daughters to a kid-friendly Halloween party at the local mall.

Scary faces of Halloween pumpkin isolated on black background

Mendoza donned a costume, as well, but it was a bit too real for a lot of people. Mendoza dressed up as a character from the movie The Town, wearing all black along with a scary mask, duffel bag, and a very lifelike gun.

Someone at the mall took a photo and shared it on social media. Mendoza stated that he wasn't trying to freak anyone out, and security never came up to him or asked him to leave. [ABC 7 - Omaha]

I'll usually defend a controversial costume for the sake of Halloween...but you're at a mall, with hundreds of kids, dressed in all black, carrying a gun. I'd say the other parents were justified.

Marlboro, VT- Someone was a little TOO into the Halloween spirit...or spirits, as the case may be.


Well, this is...unsettling.

A teenager called 911 early Sunday morning after spotting an intruder in his home. Police later found 43-year-old Sean Barber intoxicated and sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. Oh, and he was wearing a full clown costume. Oh, and he was also found with cocaine.

Barber was arrested for drug possession, and faces an additional charge for trespassing. [The Smoking Gun]

I have a feeling this won't be the only person in a clown suit arrested on Halloween.

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