I had the privilege of working with two incredibly talented women over the weekend. I was a guest on the brand new podcast 2HonestWomen with Tiffany Kay from K98.5 and one of our gifted interns CJ. The podcast features insight into the minds of these two goofballs and on this specific episode, we delve into the topic of Defining the Relationship and when the right time to do so is. The topics are conversation worthy, the banter is legendary, and the insults? They just roll right off the tongue. Follow us on social media for the direct link to listen, or head over to PodBean and type in 2HonestWomen and subscribe immediately! The show airs every Monday at 2:30 p.m.  If you're looking for a gut busting laugh and two girls roasting a poor single guy. This is the podcast for you!


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