Dating in 2019 is like trying to navigate a whole new world. Between "defining the relationship" to being confused 24/7 on what the other person really wants to online dating with strangers, it can be really hard to find "the one". However, after you find out how much the average american spends on dating you may realize you that you dodged a bullet by being single.

According to the NY Post, a new study has found that dating is REALLY expensive today. The average American will spend around $121,082 going on dates during a lifetime. The average person will also spend $168 a month. So, if all you married people think you are out of the woods... not yet! The study also proved that the average amount of spending on dates goes up, married couples spend $186 a month on dates.

Honestly, after finding this out I am personally happy I am single and don't date as much, but then again who knows what I am missing out on.

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