I just moved. It kinda sucks. But in a good way. Does that make sense? It's awesome that now my wife and I have this cool new space to call ours. But, we also have to put everything away. Oof.

We just moved to a lovely house in scenic Cedar Falls. Here's what I think is the best and worst part of moving, see if you agree.

Lets get the WORST thing out of the way... Drawers. Oh maaaan are they annoying. We each have 2 dressers. One for clothes, and one for stuff. Junk actually. Plus one our TV used to sit on. So naturally to make life easy took our drawers out of their respective dressers. Made everything easier to move physically, sure. But in the end, each drawer had to be wrapped in cellophane. Trying to untangle all that cellophane is like trying to untie an Eagle Scouts most on point knot.

It. Sucks. HARD. I'd say we'll have them all unwrapped in the next 2-3... months.

So what's the BEST part of moving? Honestly... everything else. The newness of the neighborhood, meeting the neighbors, walking around (while it's still nice out) and seeing all the other homes in the area. It's all so fresh, so new. I love it. It almost makes me want to watch a romantic comedy. Ok, I said ALMOST...

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