"Summer lovin had me a blaaaaaassst"... I'll spare you the rest. However, there is a reason why that song resonates with us every summer. Summer is the season of love. With all of the activities that are out there we should be able to show our "love bugs" a good time. Call me Cupid, because I'm here to guide you in the right direction. Here are some of the best summer date ideas here in Cedar Falls, and by the way, they're free.

1). Disc Golf at Tourist Park

2). A day at Big Woods Lake

3). A picnic at Pfeiffer Park

4). Rock out with Live to 9 in June and July

5). End out the night with Movies Under the Moon

Obviously, there are so many things to do and I can't list all of them. If you need any more guidance check out cedarfallstourism.org for a complete list. Summer should be the time of fun and romance, so get off your butt, and Cedar FALLs in love with the best we have to offer.



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