Happy National Stuffing Day! A day that was to originally celebrate a pretty great Thanksgiving dish has now turned into a full on debate that is BREAKING FAMILIES APART!.... Okay, maybe it's really not this serious but it has been the topic of a few heated conversations.

So here's the question... what do you call the Thanksgiving dish that mixes bread crumbs, broth and seasoning? Stuffing or Dressing? Apparently that was the topic of a new poll that asked 3,000 Americans that exact question and the results were that 65% of us call it stuffing, 25% call it "dressing", 3% call it "filling" and 6% weren't sure what to call it.

Well ignoring the last two answers (because they really aren't relevant, let's be honest) I decided to ask the smartest people I know to settle this debate...the Cedar Valley! No, I am not being sarcastic or rude because you all have made me realize a lot of things I have been wrong about just living here a year.

So here are the results: the dish is called "Stuffing."

Well, there you have it folks, with 14 more comments saying stuffing as well I guess it is what we have to go with. However, if you are not convinced here is something to please both sides...

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