T'isn't the season just yet, but the holidays are coming, whether you're ready for them or not. ("T'isn't" is a word, right...?). The good news, that means a lot of fun activities are returning to the Quad Cities – including the holiday train!

The Canadian-Pacific locomotive is 14 cars long, each with its halls decked, as well as every other part of it. The train is truly a sight to behold. But it's more than just a light show that passes through the neighborhoods.

Per the Canadian Pacific website, "the train arrives and pulls to a safe stop in front of the crowd. The stage door lowers and the band opens with its first song. After that, a brief presentation takes place with local food bank officials and other dignitaries. Once complete, the band resumes performing a mix of traditional and modern holiday-themed songs.  The whole event lasts about 30 minutes. Once the band plays its farewell song, the stage door closes, and the train heads off to the next stop."

This year, the train will make stops in Clinton and Davenport on December 7th, according to KWQC.

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