Boody, Beaver City, Sweet Lips. What do all of these crass names have in common? They are all names of towns. just released a map that contains the most 'lewd' town name in each state. Our brothers in Minnesota have a town called Kiester, while Michigan has a town named Dick. South Carolina has Sugar Tit and Georgia has Butts, I don't need to keep wasting your time, the list goes on and on. But, what is Iowa's most lewd town name?

Balltown. Just north of Dubuque, Balltown sits with a whopping population of 67. Despite it's small person count, Balltown was awarded the honor of having the best breaded pork tenderloin in 2012. The award was given to the oldest restaurant and bar in Iowa- Breitbach’s Country Dining. The name was bestowed by an early settler of the Mississippi river, John Ball. Still though, you have to admit, it's fun to say and dirty to think about.

What's your favorite "lewd" city name? Check out the list here.

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