Growing up doing this into my early 20's, I am glad it is getting the recognition it deserves of how physically demanding it is as a job/ lifestyle. has used data from the Occupational Information Network  to determine the top 20 physically demanding jobs in the country. The parameters that were analyzed included how much strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination was required to complete each job. 15 out of the top 20 jobs ended up being careers in hard labor like roofers, firefighters and construction workers.... but you will be surprised as to what job go the #1 spot for the most physically demanding job in the U.S.

The #1 job was.... Dance. That's right, dance is recognized as the most physically demanding job in the U.S. Based on the categories aforementioned, Dancers had 100 out of 100 for stamina, flexibility and coordination and scored an 87.8 out of 100 for strength. As most dancers can attest too, like myself, the amount of strain that dancers put on their bodies to do things that are basically not human leads to strong bodies and minds. Three to eight hour rehearsals every day builds up dancers stamina, flexibility, strength and coordination to be able to perform multiple shows days in a row and on weekends even through pain and exhaustion.

So, I would just like to say BRAVO to all of my fellow dancers out there! You work harder than any career I know, deal with aches and pains that most cannot understand and even while your feet are bleeding and your bodies are bruised, you do it all with a smile on your face because it is your passion. That is something to commend.

Check out the full list of the 20 most physically demanding jobs by looking at the original article from Dance Magazine!

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