Every state has its preferences. Illinois likes deep dish pizza, New York likes thin. Iowa likes The Lion King, Florida likes The Little Mermaid. But as of today, we know Iowa's favorite emoji – and it's not even a little bit surprising.

According to SwiftKey, Iowa's number one used emoji is the corn on the cob. Shocking, right? Who'd have guessed, considering we're surrounded by cornfields. In seriousness, it's actually kind of cool that Iowa uses that emoji. It shows that Iowans are proud of where they come from! Or, at the very least, they can poke fun at it.

What's Illinois' number one emoji? The gas station emoji. Again, it makes sense. Gas tends to get expensive out there; I know I've been stung by it more than a few times.

You can check out the full emoji map here. What do you think, did they get us right? What's your most used emoji?

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