The Q92.3 Cash Cow is coming! You have three times each day to win up to $5,000!

You could use the cash to help out with holiday shopping, finally pay off some of that student loan debt, get a head start on your holiday shopping, or make a down payment on a brand new car. Or maybe even plop down $1000 for the iPhone X. We can’t tell you how to spend your money, but we can tell you how to win it.

Listen to Q92.3 beginning MONDAY @ 7:10am to hear the Cash Cow code word. Then, enter the code right here at our website. If you’re a winner, we’ll call and surprise you with the amount you’ve won, from $100-$5,000!

There will be two more Cash Cow Codes randomly assigned throughout the day. The more codes you know, the better your odds of getting free money from the Cash Cow!

**The keyword will only be announced at its designated time** grand prize winner will also take home $5,000 – the more codes you enter throughout the promotion, the better your chances of winning the final $5,000! Remember...the code word is different each be sure to listen every day at the assigned times for your best chance to win!

You MUST be part of our Q Crew in order to play! Good luck!

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