The Cash Cow's 'Winner's List' continues to grow, and it's simple to play for a chance at $5,000. There is still time to get in on the winning.

It's easy to play and win with the Cash Cow. You could win anything from $100 up to $5,000 simply by listening for the Cash Cow Code Words and entering them online.

Tune in to The Slater Show @ 6:35 a.m. this week for the first Cash Cow Code of the day. Then enter that keyword HERE. We'll even let you know when we'll reveal Code #2 and #3 later that day.

Christopher Broders, $300
Earl Hayes, $100
Deborah Stoelting, $1,000
Jessica Ray, $100
Johnnie Picken, $2,000
Clint Smith, $100
Janette Crombie, $200
Rhonda McGrew, $100
Kyle Burton New, $1,000
Naomi Fierro, $100
Brenda Kelsey, $200
Kathy Archer, $100
Gayle McCormick, $100
Lynn Fast, $4,000
Stacy Melton, $3,000
Jennifer Condia, $100
Kimberly Nolan, $100

Keep listening for the Q92.3 Cash Cow. The next winner could be YOU! Good luck!

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