Every state has there own set of towns that have incredibly strange names. Iowa is no exception. As I begin to familiarize myself with more and more of The Hawkeye State, I come across town names that need an explanation, and some that don't. With that being said, here are the twenty weirdest Iowa town names from weird to weirdest.

20). Promise City

19). Unique

18). Correctionville

17). Thirty

16). Andover

15). Last Chance

14). Jamaica

13). Doon

12). Toeterville

11). Climax

10). Loveland

9). Vulcan

8). Lost Nation

7). Defiance

6). Gravity

5). Cool

4). Beebeetown

3). Crab Town

2). What Cheer

1). Hard Scratch

Obviously, this is subjective and some of these towns you may not agree with. But come on, Hard Scratch? Who on earth decided that would be a good name for a town? Am I missing any?

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