There's no such thing as 'saving room for dessert' at a meal. Everyone knows it just goes into your special dessert stomach. We all have one, some of us two. Don't lie!

A new survey from The New York Post found the excuses that people give when they don't like your Thanksgiving cooking and they want to get out of eating it.

And the top three are: I'm saving room for dessert , I had a big breakfast (REALLY?! On Thanksgiving), and I'm on a diet. All really, really bad lies. Another one that didn't make the list, you see your uncle ordering a pizza to their car on their phone. That's never good.

The survey also found the top five 'Thanksgiving fails,' and they are. Not having all of the cooking done on time overcooking the turkey, not having enough chairs, forgetting the cranberry sauce and (worse of all) spilling something on the floor. Please don't waste the cranberry sauce. Or the gravy. Or beer... wine... Ok, PLEASE do not spill on Thanksgiving!

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