Only one week left until Halloween, so you're almost out of time to figure out your costume. Luckily, the Internet is standing by to help with your decision.

Google Trends analyzed searches for Halloween costumes and found the top 500 things that people are planning to dress up as this year. For your sake (and mine) I won't delve into all 500. Google also mapped local search results to determine the #1 costume in your area.

Nothing in the Iowa's final five was that out of the ordinary to me. That is, until I saw what was #1.

5. Witch

4. Princess

3. Clown

2. Minnie Mouse

1. Fortnite

I'll admit it...I don't get the Fortnite phenomenon. I've never played it. I have no interest in playing it. I honestly only know what it is because of flossing. But clearly, the game is insanely popular right now, and the number of people searching for Fortnite-inspired Halloween garb is a testament to that.

It's not just an Iowa thing, either. Fortnite was by far the most-searched costume in the U.S., beating out far more traditional Halloween options like "skeleton," "pirate," and "ghost," as well as other pop culture costumes like "Harley Quinn" and "Spider-Man."

I'm sure the Fortnite fad will fade (say that five times fast), but for now it's totally cool to rock that look for Halloween.

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