Shoutout to all the flavor inventors at snack companies everywhere; they seem to be having a ball with 2019.

This week, M&M's are the next to get a new flavor announcement. According to, the candy will be released in three new flavors this year: Toffee, Coconut and Jalapeño.

Now, that's definitely not as bad as it could be. Remember, we have Buttered Popcorn flavored Oreos coming this year, too. In fact, toffee and coconut flavored M&M's make a lot of sense. After all, Mounds are just chocolate and coconut.

But the jalapeño ones...that's where I get hung up. This isn't the first time M&M's have gone for spiciness. They were experimenting with a chili nut flavor for a little while (you can still find it on Amazon, though you can't purchase it). But it just doesn't seem to work.

Before these jalapeño M&M's become official though, they have to score enough votes from the public. What do you think of this new flavor?

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