I wasn't sure ANOTHER documentary film was going to rock my socks off, during this global house arrest. Yet, something inside of me thought "Maybe one episode won't hurt, just to test the waters". The euphoria I experienced after just thirty minutes of this special made winning the lottery feel like brushing your teeth.

Here's the rundown (without spoiling anything). A guy owns the biggest large cat sanctuary in the country with nearly 230 different types of Tigers. Through a series of events he loses almost everything he owns and makes plenty of enemies along the way. Everyone in this documentary is either a complete psychopath, or comically stupid.

The story line is captivating and wild, the characters are hilariously entertaining, and the tigers are SO CUTE. It's located Netflix on the Top 10 page, where it rightfully deserves the no.1 spot. This series is sure to entertain during our extended isolation period.

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