Social media users are drawing comparisons between Mario Party and Netflix's latest hit series Squid Game.

The streaming platform struck gold with the series — which finds its characters competing in high-stakes versions of traditional Korean children's games — when it premiered in September. It's since beat out Bridgerton to become Netflix's most successful original release to date and has been viewed by more than 132 million people. According to reporting by Bloomberg, the show is on track to gross nearly $900 million for the company.

While the series has been lauded for its creativity, it recently drew comparisons to the classic Nintendo 64 game Mario Party and its more recent franchise iterations. One TikTok user — @official_pikachu.1 — pointed out the similarities in a TikTok that has since gone viral.

In the video, characters from the video game compete in games similar to those featured in the Netflix show, while ominous music from Squid Game plays in the background. For example, Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi leap from one elevated platform to another in a race to the finish line, similar to the glass panel game featured in the series. Several players aren't able to make the jump and seemingly "die" on screen. In another segment, characters play tug of war over a fanged Venus fly trap.

Text on the screen refers to the game as "the original Squid Game." Watch below:

The mind-blowing TikTok has so far amassed more than 100,000 likes on the app. Hundreds of users commented on the video to point out other similarities and differences between the two franchises.

This isn't the only time the two have been compared, either. Many users on Twitter have joked about how they tackle similar content.

"Mario Party walked so Squid Game could run," one user wrote.

"Squid Games [sic] is Mario Party in real life," another user decided. "You can't tell me it's not."

Another account pointed out the chief difference between the franchises: "Squid Game is basically a real life Mario Party with actual death." Someone even drew a comic that envisioned the Mario Party players in the Squid Game universe.

The actual death part is a pretty big difference, of course. However, it is clear that many people think there are some similarities to call out. Check out a collection of tweets about the topic below.

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