The holiday party season is upon us. You know the time of year where you will have to make a bunch of small talk with loads of people until you are blue in the face and then realize you are running out of material to talk about. Well, some of the most awkward holiday parties can be the office holiday party, am I right? I mean whether you are new or not, you just don't always have a bunch to say to everyone in your office, or you may not know some of them and really have no idea how  to interact outside of a work environment.

To avoid those awkward silent conversations during these parties, here are a list of things you can talk about to pass the time.

1. Work- I mean you can obviously talk about that during the work day but if you are trying to move up in a company and some higher-ups happen to be at the party, why not talk yourself up a bit?

2. The holiday season- I mean that's basically the theme of the party right? Talk about holiday shopping, presents, wrapping, etc.

3. Movies & TV shows- It's almost the end of a year so you can reminisce on TV and movies from the past year and not have to get to heavy into anything.

4. Food- Everybody eats it so why not talk about it? Especially your favorite dishes for the holidays!

5. Asking about family and friends- It's a sentimental time of the year so take some time to get to know that co-worker and make sure their family is doing okay.

Finally... For the love of all things holy... DO NOT TALK ABOUT POLITICS. That is all.


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