If you live in Waterloo and find yourself driving to Cedar Rapids, then you know it's a straight shot on 380 to get back and forth. I have family in Cedar Rapids, so I find myself making the hour drive a lot.

Yesterday as I was driving, I had some car troubles and was lucky enough to have someone give me a heads up.

While driving my tire decided to give up and go flat, which has happened to me before once, but my car usually notifies me with a light, but yesterday it wasn't kicking on. As I was driving a truck pulled up and gave me a

*Honk* *Honk*

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I rolled down my window, and the man yelled over something. We were on 380 so we were driving pretty fast, and the wind made it hard to hear. Finally, I heard him say,

"Your tire is flat buddy."

I gave him a thumbs up and mouthed

"Thank you."

I managed to pull over to a nearby Casey's and started figuring out what I needed to do to get everything fixed. The tire wasn't in the best shape at all. Funny enough about 5 minutes after I pulled into Casey's my lower tire pressure light finally came on.

Jake Truemper TownSquare Media
Jake Truemper TownSquare Media

The light was a little late on the draw there, but thanks to the truck we managed to fix everything before things got worse. That driver didn't have to tell me, but he did anyway, and I am so thankful!

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