2020 has forced many of us inside, and online. This has lead to a flood of different trends, and viral sensations. The crazy part was that something could blow up over night and be a hit, but be dead within days. Today we'll be taking a look at these trends, and viral videos.

10. Disposable Cameras

To be fair these cameras were made popular again in 2018, but more people were falling in love with them due to the internet. Sadly the disposable camera could have been even bigger this year, but COVID kinda shut it down for a second, but the Younger generations are currently fascinated with the nostalgic analog devices." And it still gets on the list.

9. Celerity Podcast

COVID put famous people indoors, and this lead them to create podcast. Some are great, some are bad. Some have already died out with less than 10 episodes uploaded.

8. Gen Z Voting

TikTok had gotten very political over the last year, and this lead to many young people actually voting. Compared to 2016 the voter turn out for young people was huge, and a popular trend.

7. Online, And Live Stream Workouts 

With gyms closed many looked to the internet for ways to continue working out. This created a new demand for live stream work outs.


6. Ocean Clean Up Campaigns

Environmental campaigns have always been a thing, but thanks to the internet more people are getting on board. Many people want a place to go out to after the pandemic is over, or are looking for things to do during the pandemic. This has lead to Ocean clean ups, and other environmental projects.

5. Veridical Videos

Short veridical videos are the future. TikTok, and Reels have shown us this. Companies are already trying to find ways to invest in this idea. We saw Quibi attempt to make high quality short vertical videos, but sadly they failed. The Pandemic was a large reason for this, but even though it failed we are sure to see more companies try this strategy in the future. 2020 is just the beginning.

4. Dancing

TikTok is the king of making people viral from dancing. Charli D'amelio is now the biggest TikToker, and she went viral for her dances, and now 2020 TikTok has made even more people get big for showing their moves.

3. Mystery Boxes

Kids and adults love this stuff. Mystery boxes have always been fun, but now that people can film themselves opening these boxes and go viral for it, the trend is bigger than ever. From instore mystery boxes for adults to Mini Brands and Lol Dolls for kids. 

2. The Streaming Service Boom.

At one point it was Netflix versus Hulu. Now there are countless services that offer different shows. TikTok also helps shows become popular. When a new show is released on a service a clipped part could go viral on TikTok. This leads many to search out the show. Even old shows from the early 2000s get viral clips.

1. Ad Adaptations

Ad's for things are becoming more main stream then ever. From pop culture ads, cheeky marketing and of course meme related ads. It's actually getting hard to tell what ads are anymore. Some are actually kinda funny, and many products have gone viral on different platforms multiple times.

What was your favorite trend of 2020? We got our lists from trend hunter, and popsugar.

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