The holidays are coming up faster than you think! That's right, September is almost over which mean the holiday season is about to begin (what am I saying, Christmas decorations are already out, the season is here). Along with the decorations, desserts, presents and cheer comes the worst part.... holiday traveling.

We all want to travel home or on a vacation for the holidays but the hassle of traveling and prices aern't really worth it or don't allow for it. That is why you should be buying your plane ticket TODAY... or tomorrow. Why? Well, according to some data gathered from Triple-A over the past 3 years, it has been proven that today is the best day to book flights and save some money.

Actually, today (9/24) is the best day to book deals for Thanksgiving flights and tomorrow (9/25) is the best day to get deals on Christmas flights. The data also showed that the cheapest days to fly are the Monday before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (if you were brave enough). So get to booking and save some headaches from the holidays!

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